Tuesday, March 27, 2007

theres no patch for human stupidity...!?!!!

something new is happening with my computer, bought a new DVD-RW and plugged in to my box...!?!!!
well... realized the fact that i could even dload the youtube videos. But still, a remorse that i cannot concentrate on wat i am learning. i need a constant source of motivation.....
it looks a bit jokin that everyday i end up telling abt my drawbacks... and i am not improving...!
will come up with more in the next edition...!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


just have a read abt Apache and TOMCAT and how they could work together to get good web contents.....

Apahe is a webserver. Tomcat is a java servlet container (J2EE compliant servlet container). Tomcat can independantely work as a webserver, it can be integrated with other webservers like Apache, IIS and NES servers. It facilitates a surface for java programs to run in co-operation with a webserver.

will come up with more soon.......